Interceptum Overview

Interceptum is a web-based market research platform. Through the use of online surveys and user interception features, your organization can obtain mission critical information from your web site users or from customers you invite to complete online surveys.

The intercept platform uses a four-step process:

1) Survey Authoring;
2) Interception and Invitation of Participants;
3) Participation; and
4) Analysis of Results.

1. Survey Authoring

The first stage in the process is to author an online survey. Surveys are authored using a web-based application that does not require you to installer any software on your computer.

You can set surveys to request personal information from participants before they begin to answer questions. It is possible to configure what personal information is requested from participants and to specify whether it is mandatory or not.

When authoring a survey you need to create an introduction that explains to participants what the survey covers. You need to create a conclusion that thanks the participants for participating. You can optionally create a privacy policy that explains how the personal information (if any) collected will be used by your organization.

Next, you will create survey questions. Surveys can contain three types of questions:

  • Categorical: participants must select one choice from a group of possible choices;

  • Custom Fields: participants fill out a series of fields such as checkbox, dates, times, dropdowns, trees, etc..

  • Multiple Choice: participants may select more than one choice from a group of possible choices;

  • Matrix: participants fill out a table of values.

  • Ordinal: participants must rank a series of choices in their order of preference.

  • Text: participants can enter some free form text.

Certain questions can be conditional. A conditional question is only displayed to participants who have selected a particular choice. For example, if a participant has selected “Fruits” as a preferred food group in one question, a conditional question could ask the participant what kinds of fruit he or she prefers.

Access to your survey is controlled by the Interceptum platform. Your Survey may be any combination of these three types:

  • Public: the survey is publicly accessible by anyone with the appropriate web site address;

  • Private: the survey is accessible only to participants who have been invited and received a participation code;

  • Intercept: the survey is accessible only to participants who have been intercepted on your website and accepted to participated in your survey.

2. Interception and Invitation

Once you are satisfied with the survey authored in the first step, you need to decide how participants will be invited to complete the survey. The Interceptum platform offers three possibilities: 1) Invitation; 2) Interception; and 3) Other.

1. Interception

Interception consists of automatically inviting certain visitors of your website to complete your online survey. Only visitors that meet certain interception criteria will be invited to complete your survey. Visitors who decline the invitation will not be re-invited, unless they erase their browser cookies.

In order to use the interception capabilities, you need to create an “Intercept” and integrate it with your website. Integrating the Intercept only requires the addition of a single line of HTML code (a <script> element) to your web site's pages. This can be completed quickly and easily by your webmaster.

When creating the Intercept you can specify the following information:

  • Intercept Message: The message displayed to web site visitors to invite them to complete the online survey.

  • Minimum Page Views: The minimum number of pages the web site visitors must have visited on your web site before they are invited to participate.

  • Frequency: The probability that this web site visitor will be invited on this page view.

  • The fully qualified domain names from which web site visitors can be Intercepted.

  • The online survey web site visitors are required to complete, or a web site address (URL) to which they are to be redirected.

2. Email Invitation

Participants may be invited either directly through the Interceptum platform or they can be invited manually through other means.

All that is needed to invite participants using the Interceptum platform is their email address. The Interceptum platform lets you create an invitation email that will be customized for each of the invited participants. If your survey is a private survey, each participant will also receive a unique participation key required to complete the survey in the email invitation.

If the survey is a public survey, you can manually invite participants simply by providing them with the survey's URL.

3. Other

Participants may also be invited through traditional means such as over the phone or mail. The Interceptum platform permits your call center operators to go over the survey with participants and enter their answers. Finally, you may also print hard copies of the survey which can be mailed out or otherwise distributed to participants. The completed surveys can then be entered into the Interceptum platform by your personnel.

3. Participation


Online participation is the most efficient form of participation. The participants complete the survey through the Interceptum web site without any involvement from your personnel.


If participants are contacted over the phone, your personnel will be able to go through the survey with the participant and enter his or her answers via the Interceptum platform.


If you printed hard copies of the survey, your personnel will be able to enter the participant's answers via the Interceptum platform.

4. Analysis of Results

Survey Results

Survey results are analyzed by creating reports. There are statistical reports which contain statistical charts of the results, and text reports which are used to view responses to open ended questions, comments, and answers to an "Other" choice .

The data in the reports can be limited to certain sub-group of participants for fine-grained analysis.

The reports can also be published to make them publicly accessible

Intercept Results

Intercept results are displayed in statistical reports.

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