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Benefits of Online Surveys

Did you know that online surveys offer many advantages over paper or phoned based surveys? Read more...

How Interceptum can help educational organisations and schools?

At Interceptum we are experts in the development of advanced survey technology. By using our technology platform instead of building and maintaining their own, Educational Organisations and Schools can concentrate on their core competencies and make significant savings in technology costs.

Our platform is very flexible and can be customized in many ways to fulfill specific requirements your organisation may have when conducting online surveys. Our team of software engineers has many years of experience developing cutting edge web applications that are easy to use.

How can educational organisations and schools use online surveys?

Educational organisations and schools can use online surveys and questionnaires for many purposes. For examples of the different types of online surveys you can conduct, please see our Student and Teachers Online Surveys (School, University, College) page.

How much does it cost?

The cost to carry out an online survey is far less than the cost billed by market research firms who carry out surveys through phone calls or on paper questionnaires. The cost can be as low as $0.30 per participant for an online survey, whereas the cost can be as much as $20.00 over the phone and $40.00 on paper (you need to pay individuals to print, distribute, collect, and enter the responses in a software application for analysis). If you subscribe to Interceptum for 4 months at a cost of $100.00 and you survey 400 participants to get the most reliable statistics, the cost per participant is only $0.25.

How long does it take to prepare an online survey?

Once the survey's questionnaire is drafted, the online survey can be put in place very rapidly, compared to phone or paper based surveys. Completing a phone-based survey takes a lot of time, since many phone calls must be made. Paper-based surveys are even longer, since you must take into account the time to distribute the questionnaires, the time participants will take to respond, and the time taken by the participant to return the questionnaire. Even worse, some participants might complete the survey, but never return it.

The longest task is to create the online version of the questionnaire, that usually takes between 1 and 2 hours for approximately 15 questions. The time required to create the online version depends mainly on the length of the questionnaire, the number of languages in which the survey is conducted, and the complexity of the skip logic used, if any.

Once the survey and all the questions are ready, an email invitation can be sent to participants in a few minutes. It is also very easy to send a reminder to invited participants who have not yet completed the survey. Alternatively, you can simply place a link to the survey on your website.

Can you help us create and deploy our online surveys?

We offer a turn-key solution for online surveys. We can create your questionnaire, create the online version, and invite your participants, and analyse the results and produce reports. If you are interested in this service, click on the image below and use the contact us form to let us know what your survey requirements are.

If you want to cut costs, you can draft your own questionnaire, and we can review it to ensure you avoid certain common pitfalls, such as including too many open-ended questions that makes the analysis of results difficult.

Case Study: Butler Technology and Career Development Schools

Butler Technology and Career Development Schools

Butler Tech has been helping Butler County youth and adults to achieve their dreams since 1975. Butler Tech now operates over 190 satellite programs in ten associate school districts. This year, Butler Tech will deliver education to more than 27,000 high school and adult students. Butler Tech is now the largest career-technical school district in the state of Ohio.

We worked with Butler Technology to conduct an intercept online survey on the usage of their website. Butler Technology already had its questionnaire drafted and they created the online version themselves using Interceptum.

What Interceptum did for Butler Technology

We only had to response to their questions. We also debugged the integration of the intercept in their website. Their survey and intercept were up and running in less than 24 hours after they initially contacted us.


"Butler Tech is in the midst of redesigning the website in order to best serve our current and potential customers and stakeholders. Our current design was predicated on the idea that most of our web viewers were potential customers seeking information about the programs available within the district. However, we didn't have actionable data to determine that. We contacted Interceptum to assist us with this process.

Our goal was to provide web site visitors with a very short survey (consisting of only 2 questions) to gauge the general demographic of our users. We asked them which type of users they were (Internal, external, current customer, potential customer, etc..) in order to find out "who" was visiting the site. Then we asked what types of information they were seeking on the site. We used our analytics to create general sections of the site that were most popularly visited in order to build the list of options available for selection on the survey. Our response rate was a bit below the "average rate" discussed in the instructions, but the quantity of responses has given us plenty of data to work with.

We are still getting data in on this particular campaign but early results have demonstrated a gap in our assumption and reality. We are using the data gathered from our survey intercepts to modify some of the navigation and content in order to best serve our web site viewers and enable them to get to the information they are seeking in a more efficient manner.

The technology Interceptum has offered has greatly reduced the time it takes to get an intercept survey up on our site. It was extremely easy to set up my survey and deploy the code to my site template in order to push the code to all of my pages. So far, the technical support has been extremely responsive and has been able to answer all of my questions is an extremely timely and professional manner."

Matt Franz, Web & Network Systems Administrator

Butler Technology, Hamilton, Ohio, United States

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